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NTN mounted bearings to QM Bearings part numbers

SAF22511 ( ) interchanges with the following QM Mounted Bearings

Eccentric Lock:
Concentric Lock (Single Collar):
Concentric Lock (Double Collar):
Tapered Adapter: TAPH11K115SM SAF Style 4-Bolt Pillow Block
V-Lock (Single Nut): QVPH11V115SM SAF Style 4-Bolt Pillow Block
V-Lock (Double Nut): QVVPH11V115SM SAF Style 4-Bolt Pillow Block

Might also be known as: SAF22511 or

Other NTN part numbers

Please note that this interchange guide is for reference only. Although it shows basic interchangeability of the NTN SAF22511, not all dimensions and specifications will be exactly identical. If you are unable to find the bearing you are trying to interchange, please contact your local distributor or QM Bearings for assistance.