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QM Bearings Blue Brute® Urethane Auxiliary Covers

We have updated our Blue Brute Urethane Auxiliary Covers to give you increased protection and ease of installation


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QM Bearings is proud to now be a part of The Timken Company. Together, Timken and QM Bearings offer our customers innovative roller bearing and coupling solutions for industrial applications.

The Timken name stands for outstanding quality and high performance. We pride ourselves on the manufacturing practices and the engineering support that is behind our world class bearing technologies. Through unmatched customer service and a global distribution network, our goal is to provide you with best-in-class friction management and power transmission solutions that reduce downtime and improve equipment performance.

Moving forward, you can expect to receive the same quality, performance and customer service from The Timken Company that made you loyal to QM Bearings.

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Blue Brute® Mounted
Spherical Roller Bearings

Blue Brute Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings


- Blue Brute Bearing Interchange
- Blue Brute Bearing Wizard
- Blue Brute 2D and 3D drawings

Elastomeric Couplings

Quick-Flex Elastomeric Couplings


Quick-Flex Coupling Wizard

Rigid Compression

Rigid Compression Couplings

Blue Brute Bearings
Auxiliary Steel Covers

Blue Brute Bearings Steel Auxiliary Covers


Long-Lasting Value from QM Bearings

Products made by QM Bearings are built to last. By working closely with our customers, weíve learned what works and what doesnít work in severe industrial manufacturing applications.

Precise manufacturing methods with tighter tolerances and innovative designs result in practical benefits unmatched by our competition. The little things we do add up in a big way. And yet our products cost no more than ordinary choices. Itís like getting customized products without paying custom prices or rush charges, We ship most orders within one day of receiving them. Consider how long QM Bearings products last and youíll realize the true cost is considerably lower.

Discover the Best Solution for You

More choices means you can choose the best one for your application. Thatís why we offer 15 bearing seals, four coupling insert compounds and numerous bearing housings among many other choices.

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